Kyle Darcy


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Events featured on NBC's Dateline and CBS' 48 Hours

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Instinct: A subconscious evaluation of people or situations without rational evidence to support the response or feeling.

Under Current Conditions illustrates the benefits of a keenly developed instinct, and underscores the dire consequences of its failure. Based entirely on actual events, Kyle Darcy shakes up and serves a cocktail of subterfuge, kidnapping, FBI stings, and murder.

            Martin Quinn grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland amidst one of the bloodiest sectarian conflicts in modern history. He credited this violent environment for the development of a sound instinctive intuition. Living in the United States for ten years, subsequently lulled him into a false sense of security. Boston, Massachusetts plays host to the beginning of this story in 1999. Events spread throughout New England, culminating in 2009 with a precedent setting international murder trial. For the reader, the impact on characters’ lives is staggering and unbelievable. Unfortunately for those involved, the events were real.

Dust jacket design by Dave Bailey (

   Kyle Darcy - Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, 2010.